So, Angolan is about one million degrees centigrade, the people are super friendly, CrossFit down there is alive and kicking, the local population of Luanda are fumigated against mosquitos on a daily basis - at around 5pm - and the government is corrupt as hell! Cracking place!

Back into a not so hot, but far sunnier Cardiff and a week of pain and misery (I mean fun workouts) has already begun. Oppo has been jabbed up to his eyeballs the poor bugger, and so as a result is now free to roam around his territory. Basically attempting to find the largest stick in the land.

Now then, a little bit of house keeping for those not on FB. Please, please, ensure that you have uploaded your 19.1 scores to the games site by 10pm (cutoff), so that I can validate them and pass the f**k out following 20 hours of travel! Then…get excited about 19.2!!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
Pull - ups

A cheeky bit of push and pull, getting your sexy bodies ready for the summer months. Whack those scores on the whiteboard please…