Let’s talk about the weather…nah f**k it, lets talk about something more important…the open…UPLOAD YOUR SCORES YOU MUPPETS!!!
Fortunately, I am not your mother (😉), and so unfortunately, I can’t do it for you! 😳

Anyway, how about the fricking weather, unreal hey?! Mind you, last year it snowed in late March so I’d better not talk too soon! The two wheeled death trap will be coming back out soon!! 😍😍😍

For tomorrow, wave goodbye to your midline…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Complete As Many Rounds and Reps as possible, within 20 minutes of:
Run 800m
20 GHD sit ups
Run 800m
20 Hip extensions

If you are able to walk over to the whiteboard, please write your scores loud and proud…

ASh in snowjpg.jpg