It’s close. In fact it’s tonight! 19.2 is among us. Now, please do not be a massive fanny and “rest” (more like) cherry pick your way into just doing 19.2 3 times in a week as your training. You are by definition…a muppet!

As, when you all do make it to the games, you will only have one shot at each workout there. And so, you need to learn to go as hard as humanly possible. I firmly advice attempting to complete the first round of the workout in the fastest possible time, and when, you start getting tunnel vision, when the “special” feeling comes, just ignore it and go faster. Thats the way to truly mess yourselves up.

Anyway, gimme some guesses please, if anyone gets it right, I’ll give them a t-shirt.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

On a 30 minute clock, spend 10 minutes establishing a 1 rep max for the following lifts:

- Overhead squat
- Front squat
- Back squat

Lets call it the CrossFit squat total! Any PBs, please chuck your loads up in RED pen!