Your wonderfully chiseled butt cheeks are mine now!! Maybe not, but, for at least the next five days I will be kicking them hard with “fun” workouts. Designed entirely to continue your journeys towards ninja levels of fitness!
Overall fitness can only be dictated by your capability in short duration, maximal power output. Strength or sprints for example. Because, as time increases, power output can only decrease.

We want to make you as strong as we possibly can without effective your ability to go long. We want to make you weightlifting gymnasts, with the lungs of pornstars. 😉 And really…who doesn’t want that?

Now then luckily for you lot, we understand that, and we also understand that those who are really strong, lift weights, and nothing else…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 30 minutes establish a 1 Rep Max:

Last week we set a new mark in the sand for Clean & Jerk, this week we attack the Snatch. Lift big and get those new PBs written in red please