If there was one super power available on this planet, I would love it to be that of being able to read minds…not just the human mind, in fact that would be boring in comparison to being able to read the mind of a 5 month old, German Shorthaired Pointers’.
For example, can you imagine what he must be thinking about when attacking a blanket so vigorously that he ends up wearing it; looking only slightly differently to that of someone wearing a condom (obviously the shape hopefully providing the main difference).
Or when throwing himself around his bed, like a puppy possessed, when there is clearly nothing but him in it. Barking at his own shadow or the noise that he has just made mid thrash.
Maybe finally when wandering around the house, climbing up on every available piece of furniture - for 3 and a half hours - seemingly dipping his paw into the hot water of just what kind of behaviour is acceptable; can I chew this…NO. Should I take this toy and bury it in the…NO. Maybe I could pee right….NNNOOOOO!!!!

Below is actual photographic evidence of Oppo, chilling out once his all out onslaught directed entirely towards yours truly had eventually come to a close; multiple hours later…



CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Complete as Many Rounds and Reps as possible with 8 minutes of:
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
3 Shoulder To Overhead 
Barbell loaded at 80/60kg

Intelligently attack this workout, it’s the only way. Once over (it will only last two songs), get you rounds and reps up on the whiteboard in celebration…