I have literally no idea what to write about.

Typically, I write these posts in the heat of the moment, so when I have seen a workout gone down and know just what folk looked like, if they suffered…blah blah! Usually, picking on some poor sole who went entirely chicken oriental in the first round and utterly wrecked themselves in true, gold old fashion, CrossFit spirit (all in the name of banter you understand)!
However, it is currently Saturday night, and I am in a hotel room in Manchester with a cup of tea (super cool I know), having absolutely no idea how much the last two days brutalised you all. I can only guess.


Anyway, it’s test day! We need a mark in the sand for what’s to come. And so…have at it!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 30 minutes:
1RM back squat

Back squat.jpg