Holy forearms, latissimi dorsi and biceps tendons Batman. Next week we shall program the same workout but with 10 press ups added, is there a better way to prep for the beach?!

The problem with excellent anonymous banter is that it is very short lived! Due to the anonymity a retaliation is impossible and therefore as a result, hilarity ceases.
Now you merely have to be punished by a reduced level of entertainment as I am now terrified of inserting a , where it shouldn’t be. A ; out of place or even chucking in too many .’s in an ellipsis.
Now, I can still lead a of 8 heavily armed Marines in a live fire section attack, navigate 4 multi-million pound amphibious landing craft in echelon formation, at night. And intubate a patient when required, through the sunroof of his or her vehicle, and so once I have read my book, I will nearly be the whole package. All that’s left is to do something about my hair.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

3 Rounds For Time:
40 Walking Lunges 
20 Strict Ring Dips
10 Deadlifts (140/100kg)

Times up to the whiteboard please. Mind the friction burns on your biceps, not sure what I mean…wait until you get in the shower.