Rumour has it that the members of CrossFit Cardiff are now far more comfortable with wandering the streets on their hands rather than their feet! Aside from your keys constantly falling out of your pockets the only real drama is that it’s difficult to carry a pint of punk with your foot, and there’s no way you can order a big round!

And now that you are all seriously efficient at muscle ups, you are going to look like bronzed superstars when getting out of your infinity pool.

Now, prey that the weatherman is full of shit!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For total time and load:

Bike 2 miles 

- into -

Within 15 minutes establish a 3RM front squat

- into -

Run 1 mile 

Get those times and loads up on the whiteboard and importantly, in your logbooks/phones whatevs…

Infinity pool.jpg