Now that the new lights are up I need you all to NOT look at them! not directly anyway. Otherwise you will get a wall ball to the face. Those puppies are bright, and as G-man found out in the morning class, you can’t hide away from shit reps in the dark anymore! Unlucky G.

For those of you who don’t know G, shame on you! He is however, a dawn patrol kind of guy, apart from Sunday’s! Next week is his last! He has had enough of the abnormality of Cardiff and needs to return to more northern parts where, he does have folk look at him funny if his head is shaped like a cone, he does devilish things to sheep and for some reason disables the shower curtains!

Buddy, it has truly been a pleasure. Since the day you were “accidentally” locked in the gym until now, you are a complete stud, a pleasure to coach and truly “get it”. From your efforts throughout any normal class to the commitment you demonstrated during hero month last year, thank you! You really will be missed…don’t be a stranger please!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

6 Rounds For Time:
10 Single Arm Kettlebell Deadlift (R)
10 Burpees
10 Single Arm Kettlebell Deadlift (L)
20 Air Squats 
100m Front Rack Carry (1 Kettlebell)

RX Kettlebell Loading (32/24kg)

Please get those final times this week, for this slightly unusual and certainly challenging workout, up to the whiteboard…