How annoying can a dumbbell possibly be hey?! Very it turns out! But anyway, it can be as annoying as it wants, it’s 24 degrees and sunny as f**k on Saturday! 1% chance of rain until Sunday, our Indian summer is in full flow! Love every second of it!

If you guys don’t know him (shame on you), Sash, a member for years and photographer extraordinaire was working like a dog taking snaps of folk throwing down these past two days.
Give him a follow (@sashshots) on IG and at his Facebook page, link below:

It’s so cool when you see such talent from one of your own! And I remember when he couldn’t work an iPhone! 😉

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Complete as many rounds as possible within 12 minutes of:
10 Toes To rings
40 Double Unders
5 Ring Muscle Ups
40 Single Unders

Please write rounds and reps to the whiteboard…