When you arrived to the gym on Friday night, and became immediately disappointed and likely angry when you discovered that you actually had to run a 5km, I hope you all thought…”well at least it’s not raining!”
Basically, Conroy needed an additional training session on his bike and so decided to trick you guys. I was actually being nice to you, and posted a bogus workout which is arguably worse than a stand alone 5km.

Regardless of how much it hurt, how much you didn’t enjoy it, all that stuff, at least you weren’t there for a taster session and got lost! 😬

I promise, that every workout you see posted this week are genuine.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A For 10 minutes, practise rope climbs

B 5 - 5 - 5
Sumo Deadlift

These sets are straight sets and will be performed at the same weight across all.

CrossFit Cardiff Student Offer.jpg