The time is near, The CrossFit Games Open is close and soon to be upon us! Details will be flooding out soon but in the mean time, sign the hell up and get yourself representing Reebok CrossFit Cardiff.

This year we are doing a big drive, within teams, to raise money for a local charity and so couldn’t look to sweat for a better cause. 5 workouts, in a cracking environment, all to do a good deed. What else could you wish for!

Here is the link providing some information and how to sign up, and some history…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
10 Toes to bar 
10 Strict handstand push ups 
20 Toes to bar 
20 Kipping handstand push ups 
30 Toes to bar 
30m Handstand walk 

Get those times up to the whiteboard you gymnastic ninjas…