It’s Friday, I’m not winking this weekend and as a result am going to destroy Oppo on long arsed walks up and down beaches, woods, maybe some mountains. The poor little bugger will be a mess by the end of it, much like you lot after a week of training at the box. Ready and willing to just lay on his back, legs in the air while licking a wall! Pretty standard.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

In pairs
Death by:
Thrusters (40/30kg) and
Pull ups

Partners can split the work as they like.

Death by:
On minute 1: 1 Thruster/ 1 Pull Up
On minute 2: 2 Thruster/ 2 Pull Up
On minute 3: 3 Thruster/ 3 Pull Up…etc until you die.

Completed rounds to the whiteboard please legends…