So he didn't show! Everyone is not cleared hot to text Double D, Dave Douthwaite. Get after him, stalk him, text him, call him, send carrier pigeons to his house, GET IN HIS RUBBISH BINS!! Record his every move, i shall hire a blackened out van with a sliding side door for the abduction once we have enough intelligence (Geth, don't get too excited, this is only a joke. Put your Gilly Suit away) of his movements. He will be back at the box again, whether he likes it or not.

Those who don't want to do Pete Fry's mobility class can come and paint the new place, paleo (or not so paleo) treats, coffee, paint, rollers, fruit pastilles, biscuits, pringles, dust sheets and step ladders are all welcome. That list is by no means inclusive!!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff Team WoD

Within Teams of 4 complete 3 Rounds for time of:

80 Power Cleans (60/40kg) 80 HSPUs

Once the barbell leaves the floor for each round it cannot be dropped until all the power cleans have been completed.

Please post times to comments....