So the showers are good to go, but there are some rules! Presently they have been sealed, but only in the immediate area! So all you women please shower in the showers, not on the floor!! For some reason this is something that women just lurve to do! Blokes tend to be more normal, shower and dry inside the shower. Easy! Now for you guys, unfortunately, there are no hair driers/hair straighteners...YET! We know how much time you spend arising around with your hair Chorley! Just give us a few more days, maybe a week, and they will be fully functional.

The morning class coach will stand arms crossed, monitoring your mess making, and NOT watching willies!

PS: lastly, there are no doors, sorry! :-I If you ensure that your communication skills are up to speed then you will be ok! Shout before you walk anywhere so as you don't get flashed! ;-)

PPS: There is still wet paint everywhere!!

PPPS: Behave yourselves!! ;-)

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: EMOM 20mins

Odd - 5 Power Cleans (70/50kg) Even - 40 Double unders*

B: 3 Rounds for time of:

20 Burpees 20 Steps of OH lunges (60/40kg)

Please post times to comments....