This is what happens when i have no entertainment on a flight home. Sorry... Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: For a warm up perform the following:

3 Rounds of: 5 KB Swings (16/12kg) 10 Med ball Cleans (14/12lbs) 15 Double Unders

No need for speed, warm up! At the end of each rounds stretch out your hips in a different, yet dynamic (not static) way.

B: For 10 rounds with 1mins rest:

Athletes MUST complete 2 rounds of Cindy within 1 minute. To complete RX'd the athlete will perform 2 full rounds per minute, for the entire WoD. Athletes can choose to scale the reps and their difficulty, however they see fit, in order to complete 2 rounds within 1min.

For example, I could choose to do:

3 Pull Ups (jumping Pull ups) 6 Press Ups (scaled to knees) 9 Squats


5 Pull Ups 10 Press Ups 15 Squats

(Above is an RX'd round of Cindy)

So long as 2 full rounds are completed. NO BANDED PULL UPS ARE TO BE PERFORMED, it will slow you down. Jumping pull ups only.

C: Within 10mins establish a 20 rep walking back rack lunge, for max load