Now due to what happened last week - you may think - whilst reading further down this post, that it is I now attempting to kill members; one by one! NOT the case. CrossFit is constantly evolving! If you look at the progression of the CrossFit Games and the programming on the mainsite, you will notice that over the last few years they have made WoDs harder and harder! Examples are: going from the once simple overhead squat to weighted overhead pistols; double unders to triple unders; loads have increased massively at CrossFit Games events, the "sprint" clean ladder was an inspiring display of what athletes weighing less than Nav, whilst dripping wet and wearing a MAHUSSIVE belt buckle can do. Throwing heavy arsed barbells around as if they owed them money! Anyway, this is my reasoning for the second movement of the EMOM and I am sticking to it! Plus I did it yesterday and it must of been funny to watch! PS: This EMOM was programmed by a games athlete so that is good enough!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 12min EMOM

Odd Mins - 2 Snatch (70 - 75% of 1RM) Even - 4 - 6 Strict HSPUs (holding a wall ball between legs - 20/14lbs)

B: 5 Rounds for time of:

5 STOH (70/50kg) 30 Air Squats

C: You go, I go

3 Rounds of: 15 Hip Extensions 15 GHD sit ups

If the GHDs are busy (wait your turn) or you are yet unable to do these movements on the GHD, perform banded good mornings and ab matt sit ups.