Right then, lets start the real celebrations!! Jess....take the spotlight please! Let me be the first (publicly anyway), to wish you a very happy birthday! You are a total legend and a such a massive part of the box; one of the original hardcore crew!! I think its so cool that you decided to celebrate my birthday (which was a week ago), just hours before your own began! I have a balloon with your name on it! ;-)

I hope you have an awesome day, whatever it is you have planned and you enjoy whats coming...

Happy Birthday Jess. We are all so glad that you are going away for a super cool trip, but will miss you massively!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD


In pairs:

2 Rounds for time of: Run 400m 200 Double Unders 100 KB swings (32/24) 50 Pull Ups

Aside from the run, which is to be completed together, one partner can work at one time. Divide the reps as you see fit.

Please post times to comments...