Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday; night, morning or any other tricking time we like LIGHTS!!! The box has had a revamp and is SUPER BRIGHT!!! No hiding away in the darkened corner around the side now bitches!! You shall be cued and no repped like never before! We can see what we are doing! No longer will there be the requirement to shout out blanket cues such as "GROVES!!!!! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!" Well maybe that may still be needed! ;-) DeathFit, sorry I mean BradFit continues....

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 10 Rounds of:

30s max reps power cleans (60/40kg) Rest 30s 30s max reps press ups Rest 30s

B; For time:

30 Double KB clean & Jerks

Please post times and whether or not you are still alive to comments....

Bright Lights