I hope that you all had a cracking weekend and have fully recovered from a thorough BradFit smashing! You'll want to have as this week you are going to need to have your wits about you...trust me! ;-) Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: Spend 10mins working on Squat therapy

B: For form 30 Air Squats*

C: 5 Sets for maximum load but without looking like the barbell is smacking you around as if you owe it money:

10 - 5 - 10

Back Rack Walking Lunges, Back Squats, Back Rack Walking lunges. This complex should be completed without rest. Once the second set of walking lunges is performed then athletes will re-rack the bar and rest.

Please post loads to comments....

*This is for form, not time! There will be no timer set but the trainer leading the class will be given the right to no rep athletes who are not maintaining their best possible movement. Strive for virtuosity guys!