So tomorrow I shall be devising a cunning plan, one as cunning as a fox with a degree from Oxford, to obtain all of your xmas meal orders; stress free! I have a slight suspicion that such a task could be impossible, but lets see! These orders are going to have to be in fast, it's only an order for a meal after all, and wouldn't take you more than a week if you were sat in a restaurant. So once the post has been made you will have a week. The best way is going to be to have you write it down in a central location, i.e. the box. TBC.

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 12 - 12

Strict Press

B: 12 - 12

Push Press

C: 12 - 12

Push Jerk

D: 3 sets for form of:

15 Hip Ext with a 5 secs pause in the superman position every 5. Rest 30s 15s L-sit hold