What an awesome night at the box! Two utter bad asses lifting ALL of our weight around after spending the night in a camper van (don't feel too sorry for them, it's bigger and more plush than my house!). You lot are so fucking cool, I say it a lot but let me just reiterate...you lot are FUCKING cool!! Close to £500 raised at the joint tonight, all in under 3 hours! That all goes to a charity which I am so proud to support! I love each and every one of you!

Take what you learnt from the lifting machines tonight, work on it and make it seem natural to you; whatever cue they gave you, one will do! Practice at lighter loads until you can do it drunk, underwater and upside down with your eye closed! Then move onto something else.

Thank you to Sonny and Gareth once again for heading down and one more huge THANK YOU to all that came to support!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:

Buy in of 25 Pull Ups

then 7 Rounds of: 10 Push Press (35/25kg) 20 KB Swings (24/20kg) 30 Double Unders

Cash out of 25 Pull Ups

Please post times to comments...