I hope you're all enjoying Games week so far, the 5pm class was about as full as it could be. It turns out that a small select few of our members actually are a bit fitter than the 55-59 year olds from 2012. Congratulations. Not me though! I just had to break those Kettlebell Swings a little bit too much....

In case you haven't noticed, the CrossFit Games started today with a beach WOD.....and, as is becoming tradition, we will be trying to arrange a beach WOD during a weekend afternoon in August at some point, weather depending. Watch this space.

Tomorrow's WOD is taken from the 2010 Crossfit Games Final event of the weekend.

When this came up in 2010, athletes did not know the workout until 60 seconds before it started. They were briefed and were expecting a bit of time to chalk/warm up , but amazingly they heard “3-2-1 go!” and the clock was ticking.

Part 1 - 7-minute AMRAP

30 push-ups with hand release Climb over the wall (we don’t have a wall so we’ll use a 48” Row of boxes – 2 deep! and be careful - Brad will supervise this and scale accordingly) 21 overhead squats (42.5kg/30kg) Climb back over the wall.

Rest exactly 3 minutes

Part 2- 7-minute AMRAP

30 toes-to-bar 21 ground to overhead (42.5kg/30kg)

scores to beat are:

Part 1 Rich Froning - 3 Rounds Kristan Clever - 2 Rounds + 4 OHS

Part 2 Ben Smith - 1 Round 18 GTOH Kristan Clever - 2 Rounds 4 TTB