Congratulations to those who took on the double AMRAP couplets today and also survived 'The Wall'.....Next time we'll use the Reebok Drop Box outside though :) Tomorrows WOD is taken from the 2014 Games and was meant to be as Male/Female pairs, so please try if you can to mix it up and give your usual buddy a break.

50-calorie row 50 GHD sit-ups 50 wall-ball shots (20'/14') 50 box jump overs (24"/20")

Pairs may not move onto the next movement until they have both completed the Reps. You can split your reps however you want, but each person must do 50 reps each at each station before moving on.

Ever wondered what the typical benchmarks would be if you wanted to compete at the CrossFit Games? Here were the average lifts for the top 10 Men and Women in 2012 (divide by 2.2 if you want the Kg).