I'm putting up tomorrows WOD very early in the hope that it gives you some time to mentally prepare yourself. 2014 - Triple 3's

By popular request and because it is the weekend!!....and you need to earn your Saturday Games Night BBQ! (Details on the board)

This workout was in last years games and caused chaos. Even the great Rich Froning ended up having to walk on the run (although this does not give you licence to do the same!).

We are going to tweak it slightly and make it a Partner WOD so its a little bit less horrendus..

In Pairs:

Row 3k 300 Double Unders Run 3 miles

(Some times to try to beat: Rob Forte 33:03, Rich Froning 38:31, Camille 39:52, Annie 41:22) If you have a spare 50 minutes then watch it here - skip to 10mins in

You can share the work on the Row and DU however you want, but you both run the 3 miles together at the end. The clock doesn't stop until you are both back. Take a bit of time to inspect the 3 mile route if you can. We will go through it again in the morning though so don't worry.

Its basically up the hill as usual, but all the way to the end before dropping down Cyncoed Hill and doing a lap around the Park, just the rec, not the lake as well! Run all the way until you see the Juboraj and then loop around the park and come back. It looks like this: