EPIC weekend guys, well done to those that made it down for the Triple 3's, some heroic efforts all round. Who would've thought that over 30 people would turn up for that shitfest!? The last Saturday of every month could be known as 'going long' day from now on if you want it!?

it was cool to see so many of you make it for the BBQ on Saturday and massive appreciation to Nav for manning the BBQ for 3 hours, Ry for making the Watering Can cockatils and Jess for making the best salad I've ever seen!

Time to get back to normal now the games are done:

Mondays WOD is:

Part A

Squat Therapy

Part B


Front Squats* Pull-ups

*Men Rx is bodyweight Women Rx is 3/4 bodyweight. (Round up to the nearest 5kg)

Weight starts from the floor and you can squat clean your first rep if you wish.