Don't forget, its the European Inferno Competition this weekend, and its being held in UWIC (Cyncoed). Quite a few of our members are competing. If you're in the area then why not swing by to show your support. Tomorrow we work on our Jerk.

Part A

Press/Push Press/Push Jerk Efficiency practice. Here's Khalipa to take you through it.

Spend some time to familiarise yourself with the differences between the Push Press and the Push Jerk in particular. Take this knowledge into Part B, you'll need it!

Part B

3 Rounds for Time:

Row 25 Cals 50 Double Unders 10 STOH (60/40)

If you can't do Double Unders yet then do twice the number of single unders.... But you better learn quickly as tuck jumps are coming back. You've been warned!