Daaaamn, I had so much fun with those burpess today..... Part A - Skill

5-5-5 Muscle Snatch

4-4-4 Power Snatch

3-3-3 Squat Snatch

Aim for a weight of 35/25, but ultimately just choose a weight you can do the reps with. This is a skill movement, DO NOT GO HEAVY.

Efficiency and timing are the focus. Here's a great 5 minute video with Chris Spealler showing the difference between Muscle Snatch, Power Snatch and Squat Snatch. Try to watch it before tomorrow if you can, you'll get more out the class!

Part B - WOD

For Time:

25 Front Squats (35/25) Run 400m 25 Snatches (35/25)* Run 400m 25 OHS (35/25) Run 400m

*As per part A, use whatever snatch you like here. You'll need to balance fatigue with speed though so Muscle/Power snatches are recommended!