Awesome work today gang. PB's everywhere. Nothing like a CrossFit Total day to get the high fives flying thick and fast. Love it. Final scores here

And now for something different.

Part A

Skills and Drills - 12 EMOM

Odds - 25 DU (if you can't do DU then try for 30 seconds) Evens - 5 Pistols each leg

Part B

Death by Burpees

In the first minute perform one burpee, in the second minute perform two burpees, in the third minute perform 3 burpees.....etc.

When you reach the minute where you can no longer see clearly do the required number of burpees then write the minute and the amount of burpees you managed. For example, If you get to the 10th minute and only manage 7 burpees then your score will be 10min +7 burpees and your workout is over.