This will be the last of the Open workouts this week.... 2016 Open work out 2 (16.2)

25 TTB

50 DU

15  squat cleans (60/40)

Repeat the round but with increasing weights and decreasing reps of cleans (80/100/120/140 for guys and 50/60/70/80 for girls) reps go 13/11/9/7

20 min cap

We'll run this without the 4 minute cut offs each round that were originally in this workout, so everyone will get a 20 minute workout (unless you finish it!). There are plenty of ways to scale this to ensure that you get some balance and don't spend most of it on one of the movements . Try to get up to some of the heavier cleans which should be approaching your 1RM by the end.


Cheat sheet for the Open