If you haven't collected or paid for your hoodie yet, can you please do so tomorrow! Don't make me name and shame you.

New T-shirts are at the printers and will hopefully be in by the weekend. 

Tomorrow is all about the Thrusters....... and your mental strength.

One set of Max reps each

  • Thrusters @ 70kg/50kg
  • on 3 minutes Thrusters @60kg/40kg
  • on 6 minutes Thrusters @50kg/35kg
  • on 9 minutes Thrusters @40kg/30kg
  • on 12 minutes Wall Balls (20/14)

Score is total accumulated reps.

Just to be clear, DO NOT try a 3 minute AMRAP at each weight.  You get one go, and its a max effort for reps.  Once you drop the barbell you can't pick it up again until the next round with a lower weight.