There is plenty of research, nowadays, to suggest that carbohydrates are not actually necessary. Certainly not all the highly refined and highly addictive, readily available, complex carbohydrates that form the basis of the overwhelming majority of the worlds diets. 

Just meat and fat is enough. does have it's issues...right Tom?? Let me know if you fancy a lend El! ;-) 

This should help...and a massive plunger!! 

This should help...and a massive plunger!! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 5mins, complete as many rounds and reps of:
25 Double Unders
5 Ground to overhead (70/50kg)

Accessory Program 

4 x 5 Ring Rows

Superset between Set 1 and 2:
10 Single Leg reverse lunge to stand - aggressive ascent, add plate on front foot to increase difficulty
10 lunge steps with thoracic twist
5 Wall Squats

Superset between Set 2 and 3:
10 Bottom to bottom squats with hands twisting to the sky (stand to full extension each rep, alternating arms. 10 each side)
1 min Static Ankle Stretch - Barbell or single leg heavy KB.
5 Wall Squats

Superset between Set 3 and 4:
15 Deadlift reaches - 5 in each direction
15 GHD hip extensions
5 Wall Squats

Superset following set 4:
15 Lunge Reaches (5 in directions) -
10 Back extensions
5 Wall Squats