Whether you thought so or not...they were all going soft on you (maybe not Ash on Monday), but the rest of the team, programmed "nice" workouts.
Kiss your relaxing weekend goodbye! No more leisurely espresso drinking while soaking up the beautiful Welsh, morning sun; no more lightly toasted English muffins topped with mouth watering, perfectly poached eggs, covered in succulent hollandaise sauce; NO MORE time to loaf on the sofa in front of a boring, black and white, "slot filler" film, placed simply to allow you to drift you off for a Sunday afternoon super, nana nap...it's time for some fitness! This week biatches...you're mine! ;-) 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Back Rack Walking Lunges
8 - 8 - 8 - 8*
Each set should be performed for the maximal weight, that technique will allow. 

*As soon as possible following each set of lunges, athletes will Row 16/14 Calories for time.

Please post one load, plus one time per rounds. 

Pain train.png