I keep on giving you days back, continuously putting the wrong date in for blog posts, sorry! My intention obviously was to keep you on your toes (not literally as we know that life is far better with your heels down), but it seems not have worked. 
Anyway, I am back on track, kind of, and at least know what day it is! Win WIN!!! 

Remember please folk, that the gym is closed this coming weekend for the celebration of the Royal Wedding...only joking! It's actually because we have 50 people coming to do their CrossFit L1 Seminar. 
Never fear though, both Alex (I love Barbara) Conroy, and Hannah (I love Barbara more) Richards, will be karting some muscle pounding, lung destroying dumbbells to Roath park and smashing the hell out of anyone who fancies at the bright but not so early time of 10:00am. Purely so that those who actually to want to, can watch said wedding. 
What you should be doing instead of course, is watching Ash NOT f**k things up while judging at the Europe Regionals!! NO PRESSURE!!!

In the meantime though, lets get you ready for the beach...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
Bench press

*work up to a max load for each set that technique will allow

Please draw an artists impression of your own pecs, post bench, as well as loads to the whiteboard...