It had to come to an end hey, eventually. What a banging weekend, off by surprise and therefore able to enjoy the Cardiff summer with you legends. Sun, sweaty workouts and sausages, what else can a man ask for?! 

I have to a quick word, please take this how it is intended, in order to support my team and keep the amazing gym of yours a place that only dreams are made of...

Our aim is to increase your fitness. The intension is to make you all as strong as possible, without it affecting your ability to run a long distance or demonstrate gymnastic prowess; with us you will be weightlifting gymnasts with the lungs of swimmers. And honestly, who doesn't want that? 

Lift heavier loads, do more pull ups (even just the one more), run faster or walk across the gym on your hands; all are tough, but are equally important.

However, more critical than your Fran time: is your blood pressure, resting heart rate and the time taken to process glucose. These factors will come as a result of improved athletic performance, and will be important long after you call time on your workout.

All of the above are positively impacted by one simple thing… The ability to listen to your trainer! 

The team of trainers available to you at CrossFit Cardiff are amongst the best in the world. Fact. Those of you who have ventured into other CrossFit gyms in the past will have witnessed, first hand, how the quality of coaching in CrossFit Cardiff surpasses that in many other boxes. Not just because of the facility and the equipment that is available to you, but because of the coaching!

Getting stronger is easy. Improving endurance is easy. If you follow a strength program, and stick to it, you will get stronger. However, these programs are often based around simple lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses and pulls. Done so purposefully, because other movements and lifts that are more complex, require coaching! 

An experienced and knowledgable trainer watches movement, and distinguishes obvious as well as subtle errors. As a result, they will deliver concise cues in order to make the movement safer and more efficacious. They do this not because they like the sound of their own voice, and not because they are attempting to annoy the recipient. 

They may ask you to slow down during your workout, to make your movement more efficient and mechanically sound. This will help you to use the correct points of performance, thus, giving you a better mechanical advantage over the load. This will ensure your orthopaedic safety. In a nut shell, those cues delivered, are there to help you get fitter and keep you safe whilst doing so!

This is a request from me, please listen to my team. They know what they are talking about. Do not ignore them, they are trying to help you. Do not argue or use obscene language. Save your breath for the workout you’re doing.

Instead, work to implement the change, and a few things are likely happen: you will lift heavier, you will go faster, the movement will feel better, and…you will get much fitter.

Thank you for being such studs and respecting my studly team!

End of...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
21 - 15 - 9 reps of:
Overhead Squat (40/30kg)
Bar Over Burpee

Rest 5 mins

9 - 15 - 21
Bar Over Burpee
Overhead Squat (40/30kg)

Once your lungs have stopped burning...actually, waaaaay before then...write your times on the board please...