So, the word on the street is that your legs are all a little sore? Whaaaaaaat?! No way, you guys are bad asses! Witnessed through the powerful evidence of the sprinting up and down the gym floor on your f**king HANDS!!! 

Man, wherever you are right now, is there anyone else in the room who goes to a gym where the workout asks you to walk across the gym on your hands. Or are they all crying miserably into their protein shakes at the thought of another set of 8 - 12 (the hypertrophic phase yo) reps of bicep curls; right before they resist the urge to punch themselves right in their own genitalia while maintaining their heart rate in the "fat burning zone" on the cross-trainer!

...F**K THAT!! Let's just smash ourselves on the assault bikes instead!! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

4 Rounds each for time:
20/15 Calories Assault Bike
5 Thrusters (80/60kg)

Rest for 4 minutes between rounds

Scrap your beautiful butts up from the wonderfully clean gym floor and scribe 4 individual times to the whiteboard please...