Right then you competitive buggers, a few of you have been asking about the 2019 CrossFit Games Open: what we are planning to do and how it will run, all that stuff. Clearly I am more than happy to judge those bad asses of you who have your eyes pinned on the big dog, Mat Fraser…he’d better watch out. Now that the Met Con class is up and running, Joey has been training 14 times a day!
I say training, it kind resembles such, apart from yesterday where all I could detect was a barbell slapping him about the face as if he owed it money! 😉

Anyway, here is some info:
The open is upon us and registration is live…sign your arses up! It costs $20 and you can do so by clicking here

What you get...the opportunity to be the world's fittest! The mere mortals amongst us, just get to have a ridiculous amount of fun for five consecutive weeks! This year, the workouts will be done on Saturday's, so that: the Friday morning class/coach doesn't suffer having to run the workout with little to no prep (even though there is no way that Ash will be going to bed prior to the announcements); there is more time for fun and frolics (most of you can spare a little longer for such activities on a Saturday); and if I decide to program the exact same movements on Thursday (history proves that I am extremely good at this), then you have a day of rest before attacking it. 

It all makes perfect sense. 

In order to keep up the camaraderie and good times throughout, mini "teams" will be allocated from those who have signed up to battle it out in as many inventive and ridiculous ways as creativity will allow; atop of the already assigned WoDs. 

A week prior to the first Open WoD, 19.1, teams will be drawn out of the hat, affording you ample time to discuss team game plans with your Team Captain's (appointment method TBC) as well as set up the essential - and not at all annoying - what’s app/facebook messenger groups, as well as the coach assigned to control the squabbling. 😉

Each team will have two coaches assigned. Set to lead by example by undertaking each workout head to head, no shirt, no chalk, and wearing a £7 pair of pumps bought from the local Tesco Extra; just like the good old days, old fashion stare down! 😉

For the entire open, teams will acquire points for workout wins, for participation, for those deemed to have gone above and beyond for their fellow athletes (whether they are on their team or someone else's), as well as performing weekly tasks.

Throughout the open, members will also gain points for each friend (one per person) who attends each "Saturday morning lights" event. These friends should not have done CrossFit before but be up for a kicking (😉) and more importantly a laugh. The ability to count double unders will also be appreciated. 

Look out for further details to be announced, but for now…get registering, be sure to request to be added to the Reebok CrossFit Cardiff Team roster, and let the games begin…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
100 Toes To Bar
Every time you break perform 15 Medicine Ball Cleans (20/14lbs)

Who’s got it in two sets?? If you have the minerals, come on in and get after it. Record your Friday score to the whiteboard please…

2019 open.jpg