I sincerely hope that you are all relaxing to the max, having thoroughly enjoyed your fun filled weekends so far! Having drunk loads of delicious beer, eaten some amazing foods, containing Protein, Carbs and Fats at every meal, and are preparing yourselves for a relaxing evening chatting with friends, or chilling on the sofa, or visiting family…you get the idea. But, make sure you rest, and recover, as this week…your asses are mine! 💪🏼😉

Attack, each workout as if it was going to be your last CrossFit workout ever. You are having to move to some far away place, to monitor the natural migration habits of oysters, fuelled only by shitty Richtea biscuits and forced to train alone in a ships, low ceiling gym, able only to run on a treadmill that has a natural decline/incline as said ship moves on the waves. Far fetched, it’s happened. Apart from the oyster migration of course.

Please, comment, like, love. Post pictures, share messages of good will and best wishes, underneath this post, to one of your own who, is moving to a warmer, dustier climate. Ben leaves us for the sunshine of Dubai!

The beauty of a CrossFit affiliate is that we are never far away. Faces and accents may change, but the people, deep down, are the same. Recognisable through hook grips and torn callouses, Nano 8s and knee sleeves maybe, but most importantly via a welcoming smile and a sweaty hug! By moving, your family has simply got bigger.

Ben you have been a pleasure to coach, and will always be welcomed back to my affiliate, on whatever day you decide that to be. Thank you for your support, not just of me but of your peers who look up to you greatly.
You are family and will always hold the place of a brother. Enjoy your time and reach out if you need.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

3 Rounds of:
Run 800m
2 Mins max squat cleans (80/60kg)
1 Min Max Bar Muscle Ups
These are continuous rounds, meaning that you have to monitor your own timings. Look at the clock as soon as you reach your barbell from the run, and begin a 2 minute timer. Once the 1 minute of Muscle ups is over, get your mach one, rubber bound foot back out on that road.

Please write total times and total reps of combined movements, to the whiteboard…

Ben Ball.jpg