If Carlsberg did weekends…

Look out for this time next year team, around this weekend…we will be sending teams on mass to the Commando Beach Assault Throwdown, in Exmouth, Devon. A CrossFit event organised by members of the Physical Training Branch of the Royal Marines, with all proceeds going to charities charged to support those suffering with mental health conditions as a result of their service.

A mixed team of four, CrossFit Cardiff represented hard until an unfortunate incident and an even more unfortunate workout. The incident: A male athlete who will remain unnamed (not me), dropped from a pull - up bar when told explicitly not to do so, causing us to have to perform a penalty beach run! Now, there were 31 teams of 4 competing, so 124 athletes, and this muppet was the only one to drop. 👍🏼
The Workout: An event, the final event that we did (disappointing me greatly, for one specific reason), saw that we had to run 100m with a 100kg log, and then perform a bunch of varying partner carries (fireman, baby, forward drag, backward drag - look out for those soon), followed by one final 100m log carry.
The first log carry however, was really all that was required. Specifically for one female athlete who, will remain unnamed (not Daisy), due to that familiar and unwelcome feeling of the glycolytic pathways byproduct…lactic acid. Once you have sprinted in the sand, while carrying a 100kg log, it turns out that your legs don’t want to do much else. No matter how many times your judge lays you on your back and wiggles them about; you stand up against a cliff and perform a straight legged dance, or you dip your feet (only) in the sea. Bizarre how those normally effective cures didn’t work.
Now unfortunately for my inner sadist, the penalty run caused us to finish outside the top 10 and therefore not be eligible to compete in the final. Which, involved an 800m run, on the beach…carrying a 100kg log!

It’s as if they had planned their sabotage right from the beginning.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

5 Rounds for time:
20 Hang DB Clean and Jerks* (50/35lbs)
20 Burpees
40 Air Squats 

*10 continues reps on one arm prior to switching. Start with whichever arm floats your boat.

Go hard and fast, nothing but suicide pace with zero transition time, and chuck so sub 9min times up please…

We took sooooooo many pictures!

We took sooooooo many pictures!