I messed my dates right up again sorry. I clearly don’t want the summer to go and the good weather to disappear as I gave you May the 20th, had a boobie with June the 20th and then back to May 21st…when it was the 22nd. I’m sure one of you OCD controlled legends saw it, but as I am personally consumed with the annoying condition, I have fixed it all!

Back squats are going through the roof. Some of the morning class even accidentally just did one rep and somehow set a new PB. Others turned their 1RM into their 3RMs, but none thought it thought. Meaning that the next time we lift they have a new number to base an 80-85% marker off! Whoops!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

2 rounds
80 Double Unders
60 Ab Mat Sit Ups 
40 Press Ups
20 Ring Rows 

Holy local muscular fatigue Batman…scores to the whiteboard please team…

The world is full of unsung heroes!

The world is full of unsung heroes!