How much fun was that WoD?? Not knowing if you will fly through the high rings at any moment due to a lack of feeling in those guns, legit!

We must rally. Bind together like chalk after Ash has had his sweaty mitts in there, preparing for sprints on the concept 2 bike erg (of course you need chalk)! Over the last few months there has been something missing, a void of banter, making that gym quiet and cold, barren! Of course I am referring to Groves!
Mark Groves to be precise.

Take turns, daily, to hound him. Saturate his inbox, facebook wall, slide into his IG DMs and get that man back! Grove, these nanos aren’t going to train themselves!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minute

3 Touch and Go Power Snatch

The goal for these sets is to increase loading throughout. Get those small increments up on the whiteboard please…