Week 1 in the new box nearly done and it's coming along more and more each day! The changing rooms "should" be finished and good to go next week and so we can start clearing everything out of the way in order for you wonderful lot to be able to use the gaff without having to show your granddad pants to all! Amazing!! Reebok CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

Within 3mins complete as much as possible of:

"Fran" in minute 1 "Isabelle" in minute 2 "Diane" in minute 3

Rest 1min, repeat as many times as necessary until all 3 girls are complete.


1. Only one athlete may work at any one time 2. Reps can be broken down anyway partners see fit 3. Once a girl has been completed then athletes shall rest for that minute and not move onto the other movements until that "girl's" minute comes around again 4. If you are unsure of what Fran, Isabelle or Diane are then learn them quickly 5. Do not, under any circumstance, die! 6. Harden the F**K up and do it! (last rule stolen from Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland, they're rule 13)